Balochistan is the largest of the five provinces of Pakistan and possesses a rich variety of languages, resources, civilization and culture. The province is located at the geographical intersection and cultural crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. As a result, it is one of the richest areas in Pakistan in term of history, culture and uniqueness. This province is also a birth place of highly able and brilliant people. This website will throw light on the success stories, strugglers, contributors and achievers of Balochistan. This website will also highlight and provide space to the hidden talent who can possibly contribute in coming times.


Article by: Mr. Asad Khan

Actors are agent of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.



Article by Mr. M Waqar Aslam

Over past many decades a number of distinguished Legends were born in Balochistan. These personalities have brighten the world with their selfless, aspirational abilities and have put in their efforts to make this world a better place for themselv read more...


Article by:

Mr. Asad Khan
Mr. Hameed Ullah Sherani

If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you” reflects a few brains residing among us.

A very br


Article by: Ms. Madiha Sadiq

Sana Mahjabeen Umrani, Assistant Commissioner, Dasht District Mastung, is one of the youngest PCS qualified female civil servants in Quetta. She belongs to District Jafara read more...


Article by: Mr. Muhammad Syed Yaseen
Balochistan, the South Western Province of Pakistan, covering about 44% total area of the country, with very little population has been the birthplace of different personalities whom with their efforts are taking part in the success, development a read more...


Article by Mr. Ahmed Jalal

This article is based on Mr. Ahmed Mujtaba, a man with strong will and full of positivity. A man, who controlled his brain, worked hard and faced all the troubles silently without any complain. He worked hard and made his land and people proud by repres read more...


Article By: Mr. Asad Khan

To the teachers around me afore me and beyond me I would like to declaim that you are the bows from which we, ‘your students’ as living arrows are sent forth.

These spe


Article by: Ms. Madiha Sadiq
, a beautiful land full of resources whether its minerals, gems or the brilliant professionals, who proved to be a Shining Star. So today Balochistan read more...

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Balochistan Stars is a non-profitable Volunteer base Orgazniation, working for the positive image of Balochistan, and for the People of Balochistan.
Balochistan Stars Believe that it is our responsibility to not only recognize their achievments but also thank them for their vailent efforts, we have launched Balochistan Stars as not just a one off concept, but a brand built for the specific purpose of honouring the people of Balochistan.
Whether as doctor, engineer, politician, sportsman, celebrity, debater, social Ativist, painting artist, sculpture artist etc, People of Balochistan have always stepped up and played a defining role for the country.
For the amazing personality who are no longer with us Today, we will give them a special tribute.

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