Mr. Nadir Gul Barech


Nadir Gul Barech I remember the great saying of Rick Warren," the only way you can serve God is by serving other people." Here is the inspirational story of a man who serves people, helps the poor and works on the reduction of poverty in Balochistan. I am talking about the most caring and well-wisher, Mr. Nadir Gul Barech (Chief Executive Officer of BRSP).

Nadir Gul Barech belongs to Barech tribe. He completed his early and higher education in his hometown, Quetta. Mr.Barech is Law graduate. He did his master in International Relations and sociology from the University of Balochistan. Nadir Gul Barech has two brothers. He has no political background; just serving people on non-religious and non-ethnic basis. He has visited more than nineteen countries of the world and represented Pakistan. Reading books, long drive and listening to music are in his hobbies.

While talking about his life story, Nadir Gul Barech told that the achievements in his life and success were due to his hard work. "After completing my master, I was appointed as Assistant Director Field in a local NGO. After that, I appointed on the post of Deputy Director in Public Health Engineering and served there for seven years. Actually, I was feeling unfit in government jobs. Later on, I decided to resign from the post." He added.

The inspirational personality, Mr. Nadir Gull Barech has been working in different national and international NGOs. Many times, he rejected different offers of international NGOs. He wanted to serve his own people. In 2007, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP). Talking to the Balochistan's stars interviewer, he said, “I was not happy with government job. I joined NGO for the only purpose to help and serve the people of Balochistan. And I feel happy to be helpful."

Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) is one of the most serving institutions in the province. This Non Governmental Organization has achieved many goals in different sectors of Balochistan. “In earlier times, BRSP was working only in six districts, but now with the help of almighty Allah, it is working in twenty-five districts of the province. Our main objective is to reduce poverty and we have been successful in the reduction of poverty and provided health facilities in the province. There are many achievements of BRSP. We established PPHI in the province. Three hundred fifty BHUs in different districts are established. Provided infrastructure, teacher training and sports necessities in many schools and seminaries of the province. Our organization has supported the people in natural disaster like floods and diseases.” Mr. Barech explained.

Balochistan Rural Support Program is having the plans for the eradication of poverty in the province, providing financial services, social sector services and work on nutrition.

“With the help of government we will improve health and education. We will work on women empowerment and persons with disables.’’ Further, he explained.

Leader known for non-violent opposition Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan “Bacha Khan”, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Alama Muhammad Iqbal and Akhtar Hameed Khan are the ideal personalities of Nadir Gull Barech.

Mr. Nadir Gull’s message for youth is that ‘’ Do not waste your time and do give focus on education and sports. Secondly, he suggests the youth that it is not necessary to have government job, good skills can also give you job.

Article by Hameedullah sherani

Occupation: Family Roots: Education: Native Place:
CEO BRSP Barech Masters Quetta, Balochistan

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