Dr. Fahad Saleem

HOD Pharmacy UOB

Article By: Mr. Asad Khan

To the teachers around me afore me and beyond me I would like to declaim that you are the bows from which we, ‘your students’ as living arrows are sent forth.

These spellbound words are the salutation notes for one of the heartening educators of our society, a person who perjures to nurture the architects of the future, a preceptor of mine and dozens more none but Dr. Fahad Saleem a marked educationist of the city currently Associate Professor at University of Balochistan Quetta born in Quetta, firstly literate here besides earning a Ph. D from Malaysia making a phenomenal headway to Switzerland for Post Doctorate.

Putting a glance on his early years of life like all ordinary individuals of our society he too faced dozens of socioeconomic hurdles transforming him into a sparkling gem we see today. His catchy personality in terms of knowledge, norms and principles has brought him to look after key academic positions. Currently he is head of Department of Pharmacy Practice and Coordinator of M. Phil and PhD program.

To draw short statement from his long experiences his incontestable services to his nation has been assigned prestigious titles to name some,

The 2016 best researcher award by higher education commission of Pakistan to admit his outstanding services towards higher education.

 Being a pronounce scientist Pakistan Science Foundation in 2017 awarded the title of “Most productive scientist of the country.”

2018 Saatha award was again a token of appreciation to mark his achievements on continent level.

This province too has admitted the fact that he is one in a million by providing 2018 Baluchistan Excellence Award more and more.

Over and above Dr. Fahad Saleem portrayed adoring image of Balochistan on transnational scale by visiting scores of countries importantly France, China,  Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, UK and many more. Being on the ball with current challenges he has been on his mettle for a promising author by determining some core chapters on health sciences in renowned books with dozens of research articles on safe use of medications and social pharmacy.

Dr. Fahad Saleem has a profound apprehension over the deprived education system where he stated, “As a teacher, you’re the most important part of a young student’s life. Your love of learning can be infectious and inspiring to any student you teach. Remember how you nurture the courage in a pupil’s heart. You are a tutor, an enabler, and a caregiver combined, and you can and will make a difference. Moreover as per a famous Chinese proverb we must not confine our children to our own learning, for they were born in another time.”

Ethics before everything is his code of life.

This person has gotten the spells to turn ordinary into extra ordinary housing the best tips, tools and techniques up above in his cranium, to help people present with more polish, power and professionalism in every walk of life.

I don’t claim that he his majesty will change the world, but will definitely spark the brain that will.

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HOD Pharmacy UOB PhD Quetta

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