Dr. Shereen Khan

Assistant Professor, T.B BMC

Article by: Mr. Muhammad Syed Yaseen
Balochistan, the South Western Province of Pakistan, covering about 44% total area of the country, with very little population has been the birthplace of different personalities whom with their efforts are taking part in the success, development and prosperity of their motherland. Today Balochistan Stars is going to shed light on the life, services and struggle made by Dr. Shereen Khan, a well-known physician of Chest diseases.
Dr. Shereen khan opened his eyes on 20 January 1974 in Zhob District of Balochistan. However, his hometown is Ziarat and he belongs from Kawas, a village of Ziarat. Mr. Khan passed his matriculation from Tameer-e-Nau public school. At his time many students after completing their matriculation used to leave studies. But, his thirst for education was not quenched and he wanted to study more. At that time only two fields were ruling over the minds of youth either to be an engineer or to become a doctor, same was the case with him, he preferred to be a doctor. For doing his F. Sc in Pre-Medical he joined Tameer-e-Nau College Quetta. After F. Sc he took Bolan Medical College(BMC) entry test to convert his dream into reality i.e, becoming a doctor and passed it. He had his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from BMC. Later on he did FCPS in Chest diseases from Agha Khan University of Karachi.
He started his career being a Medical officer at his own native home district Ziarat in year 2001 and then he was appointed as Registrar in BMC. For doing his post-graduation Mr. Khan went to Agha Khan University and in 2008 he returned. After Post-graduation, he was appointed as Assistant Professor in Bolan Medical College department of Tuberculosis(T.B) and Chest diseases. His site of posting was Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital and till date he serves masses of Balochistan in the same hospital. Currently he is Head of Department of TB and Chest diseases in Bolan Medical College Quetta being an Associate Professor.
When he started his career being a doctor few people were aware of the Chest diseases and most of people had limited them to TB only but, according to him Tuberculosis makes only 10% of the total Chest diseases. His first aim was to make the public aware of all chest diseases which always lead to death of a human being. He introduced Ventilators and Critical care units in Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital. Mr. Khan with his long lasting efforts asked different personalities and organizations along with Government to donate for the development of modernly equipped chest hospital in the province. According to him Pakistan Chest Society donated him a huge amount in upgrading the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Mr. Khan is sympathetic towards his patients especially those who are living from hand to mouth. He supports them financially and encourages them for treating their near and dear ones in such a condition where a person hardly finds one time meal. Dr. Shereen always stresses his colleagues to help the poor and downtrodden people of the society.
Currently he is the Provincial Coordinator for National Action for Tobacco Control, the Vice president of Pakistan Chest Society, honorary faculty member of IPH and he is also honoured to be the Registrar of PGMI. Besides these honorary designations Mr. Shereen has been invited as professional speaker and guest of honor throughout the country in many national and international conferences, seminars and other health awareness events. He is honoured for achieving the best fellow award at Agha Khan University for two consecutive years during his specialization term and he was awarded with Gold Medal by Pakistan Chest Society on his research papers.
Mr Khan has been an active social worker and is always thriving hard for the awareness of masses about the importance of Education, Health and other basic needs of life. He is also giving awareness to the coal miners and their owners about the impact of various poisonous gas emissions from these mines and their adverse effects on the health of a person. Mr. Khan is also active in awareness of our people especially the youngsters about the disadvantages of tobacco smoke and other abusive drugs which change a person's perceptions and thoughts about life. He loves reading literature and has written and composed Pashto Afsaanas during his student era. His thirst for book reading isn't quenched yet and reads a number of books based on current affairs, medical research and general knowledge books. Mr. Khan has visited about 14-16 countries of the globe from West to East, including United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Holland and Italy etc.
He is proud to have a raised from the life threatening Mountains of Balochistan and he is moving ahead to prove a good and positive image of Balochistan before the World as people think that Balochistan lives in stone ages and are illiterate while in accordance to him Talent and skills are independent of a certain location. Hee stresses on our youth for establishing a positive image of Balochistan. Mr. Fazal Haq Mir, the Principal of Tameer-e-nau Public College, remains his ideal personality.
Regarding women empowerment he thinks that, each and every woman should be provided with opportunities, they should be aware of their basic human rights. But all this empowerment should be given to women according to the principles of Islam and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W) as Islam defines the rights and empowerment of females in a suitable and ideal way.
According to him Youth is the asset and backbone of a nation; they are the nation builders and are the last hope for the survival of a country. In this era of Science and technology where the wars of armory are kept in history and people fight for Knowledge, our youth must choose a suitable field for the cause of nation building and they should not consider this land as a cemetery for them rather they should serve the poor and helpless masses of resource-mineral rich province Balochistan.
Balochistan Stars

Occupation: Family Roots: Education: Native Place:
Assistant Professor, T.B BMC Pashtun FCPS Ziarat Balochistan

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