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Education is the process of learning, the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Balochistan Stars is going to introduce you that personality of Balochistan who Beliefs that Balochistan is a land of under estimated opportunity ‘though rich rather rich enough’. A man of action, a renowned Scholar and human resource manager, a self-made man “Mr. Adnan Jaskani”, who belongs to the rich soil of Quetta, Balochistan.

He has done his MSC in Physics. Mr. Adnan Jaskani always had a keen interest in English so he did his Double Masters in English Literature. Mr. Adnan has the honor to serve as CEO Anfal Academy, All Pakistan Youth Forum: Balochistan President, British Council: Registration Partner, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Career Counselor and Success Coach. Instead of all his designations and positions Mr. Adnan is going to publish a book by the name Power of Belief, which main aim and purpose is to tell the youth if they have the belief and confidence to achieve and do something than no one can stop them.

Mr. Adnan’s future planning consists of encouraging and supporting youth, his hobbies are Reading and Travelling, his ideal personality is Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. His Message for the youth is“Neverbe Afraid of Failure”.

 Adnan Jaskani is a passionate and purpose driven individual whose untiring and constant efforts have shaped into Anfal academy.The establishment of “ANFAL ACADEMY” is unique in the history of educational institute in Balochistan, since 2009, aiming at preparation of competitive examination, CSS/PCS / Capacity Building programs / career counseling in a motivating environment."ANFAL ACADEMY" is more a Mission than industry.It abides by the highest principles of result oriented and Quality Education. ANFAL ACADEMY is to train our educated young men and women who are looking forward to devising and achieving progressive and innovative public projects at the highest level.

It builds and work as a team for novel and innovative dimension, grooming youth to their destination. The Vision behind this Academy is to Empowering youth through quality education. To produce a new genre of youth who can, at this critical juncture of time, contribute for the growth and welfare of our nation.

He is a strong advocator of education and believes that education is not necessary but, quality education that prepares the forthcoming generation for professional and social life. Besides quality education, he strongly believes that making religion a lamplight is a must if one wants tosucceed in the world and the world hereafter. His belief reflects on his personality also as he believes that his strong and unbending faith in the Divine Power helps him to thrive. It is quite interesting to know that, being on the pinnacle of success, monetary pleasures do not tempt him. Adnan Jaskani considers all his bad experiences as footstones that shaped his outlook on life and work; fully capable of building an entire new business and organization, he is satisfied with working through Anfal academy and develop personalities. People love and adore him for his great mission of making everybody believe in them and helping people to make their life easy and work towards designing and building their career.

Anfal Academy is Adnan Jaskani’s biggest achievement and contribution to the society. Through his academy, he gives phenomenal and topnotch academic standard trainings to students preparing for higher studies and special services exams,
CSS/PCS/IELTS/TOEFL/Career Counseling/English Language Diploma etc.

Apart from helping them to understand the subjects and preparing for the examination, he also guides and helps them in choosing the right selection of subjects. Adnan Jaskani shares a special bond with the academy as he states.“ANFAL is not only an institution, but a passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel”.For him, the people who works for the academy and the students made it possible for it to succeed. It provides language and consultation services that are further playing a vital role in filling the gap in the Baluchistan province as well as adding to the literacy ratio of the country.After the successful establishment of Anfal Academy Mr. Adnan started working on Human Resource Management and Human Behavior by reading different writer’s books and implementing that awareness and education here. By the grace of Allah Almighty and the hard work of Mr. Adnan in this 10 years of excellence the academy has produced well educated and topper individual till now.Throughout the career, Mr. Adnan Jaskani and his services has been recognized through a number of awards and recognitions, some of his key endorsements include:

Winner of Satha Innovation Award 2016 (1st Invention to innovation Summit Balochistan),Renowned Motivational Speaker in Baluchistan, Renowned IELTS/TOEFL Mentor (More than 1000 Students All over the World), Best Career Counselor (Thousands of People in Pakistan), Guest Speaker of different Program regarding self-help, Motivation, Career Counseling, Religion and CurrentAffairs on PTV News,PTV Home, PTV Bolan, Professional Trainer/Life Coach, Religious Scholar and Writer, Attended different Policy Making Meeting regarding Education, Master Trainer of Hajj/ Umrah.

Article By Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Occupation: Family Roots: Education: Native Place:
Educationist Jaskani Masters Quetta, Balochistan

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