About Us

Balochistan Stars is a unique project initiated in 2017 with a Vision to take the province and inhabitants ahead by highlighting the positive image of the society through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok.

Balochistan Stars adopted a humanistic approach and working on the people of Balochistan. It is a platform to highlight the talent of Balochistan who has made some difference in their respective fields. It can be a distinguished Sportsman, Actor, Politician, Entrepreneur, Social Activist, or Bureaucrat, etc.

Balochistan Star is a platform to publicize, inspire and motivate the talent of Balochistan. It is a platform for those precious pearls that don’t have the opportunity to shine. It gives them the opportunity to shine and motivates the hidden talent to come forward.

Our Vision

Is to create the goodwill of Balochistan and highlight the hidden culture, talent, and hard work of people through publicizing and placing them on deserving destinations through high-tech mediums like websites and social media, to explore each and minor to major part and its rich values.

Our Mission

Is to create a Positive Image of Balochistan by providing proper space and platform to the talented youth, achievers, social workers, celebrities, strugglers and one contributed to the province, and disseminate information on the rich cultural history.