About Us

Balochistan Stars Logo

Established in 2017, Balochistan Stars is a distinguished and impactful initiative committed to advancing the province and its populace. Our visionary approach revolves around the illumination of positive societal facets, strategically leveraging prominent social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Aligned with a humanistic ethos, Balochistan Stars directs its focus towards the residents of Balochistan, providing an esteemed platform for individuals who have made noteworthy contributions across diverse fields such as sports, acting, politics, entrepreneurship, social activism, and bureaucracy.

As a respected organization, Balochistan Stars serves as a beacon, dedicated to publicizing, inspiring, and motivating latent talent within the province. It operates as a catalyst for exceptional individuals who, despite their capabilities, may not have had the opportunity to garner recognition. Balochistan Stars is committed to affording these precious talents the spotlight they deserve while actively encouraging hidden potentials to step into prominence.

Our Vision:

Is to create the goodwill of Balochistan and highlight the hidden culture, talent, and hard work of people through publicizing and placing them on deserving destinations through high-tech mediums like websites and social media, to explore each and minor to major part and its rich values.

Our Mission:

Is to create a Positive Image of Balochistan by providing proper space and platform to the talented youth, achievers, social workers, celebrities, strugglers and one contributed to the province, and disseminate information on the rich cultural history.