Mr. Abdul Malik Khan

Mr. Abdul Malik Khan International Squash Player | Balochistan Stars

Article by. Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Today our article is on a very Young Passionate and Talented Boy, a true talent of the fertile land of Balochistan. He is the Top Squash Players of Balochistan, His name is Mr. Abdul Malik Khan and currently he’s in Islamabad for his Studies.

In the age of 6, Abdul Malik father introduced him to the squash court. He imbibed great admiration for the world class top squash player and the game. He chooses to carry on this game along with his Studies. In 2010, Mr. Abdul Malik won the first squash tournament of all Balochistan Junior Squash Championship of his career, and this winning series continued till today. In the age of 15, Abdul Malik touched the Zennith of Success by becoming No 1 squash Player (Both in Junior and Senior Scale Player) of Balochistan, Which was very big accomplishment for Abdul Malik at this age. In 2016, he played the final of Rashidabad National Junior Squash Championship of his career Mr. Abdul Malik was selected in Pakistan Junior Team on his first Appearance in the trails. According to him, the credit of his success goes to his parent’s prayers, mentors and his continuous hard work. Abdul Malik won many Bronze medals in his career and Alhamdulilah Mr. Abdul Malik is going to participate in the World junior Championship.

Every sports man has ups and downs in his career, and he faced the same. Mr. Malik believes that patience is the only solution to stand the hard times. Mr. Malik said that, His love and passion for the game made him the champion.

His Ideal Personality is Mohammad Ali because he was not only the legendary boxer but also a great human being. He had countless donations/ charity to eradicate helplessness and poverty.

Mr. Abdul Malik wants to be the top 10 ten players of the world and he is working day and night to change his dreams into reality.

Abdul Malik Message to the youth is that “Don’t halt your uphill battle because everything in this world is possible with hard

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