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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Mr. Abdul Qayum Bedar Existing Chairman of Brahvi Literature Society who was born on 15th May 1956 belongs from the rich soil of Balochistan, Quetta. Mr. Qayum Bedar studied at Central Primary School Jail Road and completed his matriculation there in 1976. Mr. Qayum from the start had a love for his language and loved to read literatures and poetries in Brahvi. As time passed by when his matriculation was done his teacher Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahvi suggested him and informed him that Brahvi classes were being conducted by UOB (University of Balochistan) in Govt Science College so he should took admission there, Mr. Qayum which from the start wanted the opportunity so that his wish could be fulfilled and he took admission in Govt Science College for further studies and met his friends. As time passed Mr. Qayum and his friends Professor Khudadad Gul, Mr. Ayub Alam, Mr. Qahir Bangulzai and Mr. Abdul Wahab together created Brahvi Literature Society (1978) Inaugurated by PTV Manager Abdul Kareem in which Mr. Khudadad Gul was conducted as Chairman, Mr. Qayum as Treasurer and Mr. Abdul Wahab as Vice Chairman.

At start Stage Dramas were being held and at the passage of time Mr. Qayum had also done MA Brahvi then M.Phil from Alama Iqbal Open University and had also become a P.H.D Scholar. Mr. Qayum had written 16 Books in his career and the time of university he also used to write columns for news papers named Jung and Mashriq and gave his services to Karachi, Multan and Talar.

After MA Mr. Qayum entered the platform of PTV as 16th Rank Editor then promoted himself to Assistant Producer News & Current Affairs and after 4 Months of training in Islamabad started to create Documentaries and Dramas in Brahvi after some time promoted himself to Head of Current Affairs then to Program Manager and at last to Controller of Current Affairs Islamabad. Mr. Qayum had produced 13 Brahvi Dramas which also consists of Brahvi Show Gul Rung started at 2009 a record maker show for kids.

Mr. Qayum had been awarded by 5x Great Producer Award PTV, Taghma-E-Imtiaaz for Husn-E-Kaarkardagi 2016, Mamnaun Hussain Award, Sai Fareki Gold Medal, Brahvi Academy Award, Brahvi Literature Award and by Faiz Bakhsha Puri Award.

Mr. Qayum has represented his country and culture 6x in Saudi Arabia and in Iran. He started as a treasurer and now is the conducted 4x Chairman of Brahvi Literature Society since 2013. Mr. Qayum’s ideal personality is his teacher Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahvi and his message for the youth is that”A Man Without Education is Like a Building Without Foundation”        

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