Mr. Abdul Wahab Baloch

Sculpture and Painting Artist, Asst Prof BUITEMS | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jalal Rind

Art, the practice of giving imaginations, nature and some beautiful colors on a physical surface by using some mediums like air brushes, sponges etc. It becomes an exceptional profession when the culture is involved in it. Today Balochistan Stars are to make you read about a personality who reached the heights of success with his determination, passion and hard work. Mr. Abdul Wahab, the man who belongs to the rich soil that gave birth to heroes like “Khan of Kalat”, yes ladies and gentleman the rich soil of Kalat.

Mr. Wahab completed his Intermediate from kalat and the solicitation of Higher Education brought him to Quetta City and the University of Baluchistan (UOB) benefited from 2003 to 2007 by a great personality in making. But the hunger of education was not over. A son who wanted to prove the world that Balochistan is full of talent, for that he went to Punjab for Masters from 2009 to 2010. Before his study got started his professional career came into being, with a project under the theme of Jashn-E-Baharan by NAB.

After doing his masters from Punjab, Mr. Wahab was appointed as a Lecturer at University of Baluchistan. After the time period of 9 months he found the Lectureship of BUITEMS suitable for him. His hard work and determination were on such heights that nothing could stop him achieving his goals. While sharing his precious words about himself with Balochistan Stars Mr. wahab stated that his parents were not educated but they knew how important Education is going to be for their children and that is why he and his sibling are highly educated. Mr. Wahab had the support of his family even in choosing a field that a very few people knew about. His hard work, passion, determination, family’s support, parents pray and his excellence in his field is the result of his nomination for Balochistan Excellence Award.

His work is appreciated nationally that is why he is often invited as a judge in different art and painting competitions. His oeuvres can be seen at BUITEMS, University of Balochistan, NAB and many more organizations and different sectors. His future plan and vision of his services for the betterment of country and province is to provide highly qualified and skillful artists to soil of Baluchistan, who will make people of Balochistan skilled, expertise them all over the world with their skills as artists like a doctor or engineer does when he/she invents or discovers an invention. Mr. Wahab’s message for the youth is that youth should go in every field instead of being limited between medical or engineering to show the world that nothing can stop us excelling in each and every field”. We the entire team of Baluchistan Stars and his well wishers wish him all the best for his future services and hard work with the hope that he will make us and entire Balochistan more proud.

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