Mr. Ahmed Mujtaba

MMA Champion, International Champion , Balochistan Stars


Article by Mr. Ahmed Jalal

This article is based on Mr. Ahmed Mujtaba, a man with strong will and full of positivity. A man, who controlled his brain, worked hard and faced all the troubles silently without any complain. He worked hard and made his land and people proud by representing his country around the world. Mujtaba belongs to the rich soil of Balochistan, he was born in Quetta City. He did his O’level sand intermediate from Quetta and graduated in “Computer Science” from BUITEMS Quetta. In 2013 he started is training of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Due to his passion he was motivated, confident and believed that he will be a good player of MMA.

Mr. Mujtaba had faced financial problems after deciding to be a professional MMA fighter. Having no support, sponsor and proper training which a player richly deserves, he lost 2 matches. He had to manage all of his expenses having a very low budget, but he didn’t give up. He kept working hard and defeated his disappointments with his determination to achieve what he had planned for. He did not lose hope in Allah and believing in him being the most powerful and the perfect problem solver.

Mr. Mujtaba’s career started by winning 4 amateur matches. He played his 1st International match against India in Malaysia he was the Victorian of that match. He holds the record of 9-0 as well. He was supported by vice chancellors of BUITEMS, Mr. Farooq Bazai through the terms of university rules for a sports man. Jacked nutrition (abbas) helped him with the supplements and MYGYM Karachi (Bilal bhai (bikku) opted him to be their brand ambassador. He represented Pakistan in international countries like Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. He believes that a sportsman can be the man who can showcase an outstanding image of his country among the other countries of the world. The love, support and respect he gained in those countries is a sign of peace and love.

Mr. Mujtaba has been invited as guest to many T.V shows and several functions at different Universities. He is the first Pakistani who become 2 times featherweight champion of the world at UGB and WSOF.A first Pakistani to beat an Indian fighter at Malaysia, also he ranked as No. 1 MMA fighter in Pakistan and South Asia. Currently he is fighting at ONE CHAMPIONSHIP which is Asia’s number 1 MMA promotion and World’s number 2nd.He is Gold and Silver medalist in Wrestling and Jiu Jitsui. He is Purple belt in Jui Jitsui under Renato Velame. Gold medalist in muay thai fight and holds best MMA Fighter record in Pakistan.

In recognition of his achievements he has been awarded Balochistan Excellence Award by Govt. of Balochistan and best athlete award by Pakistan Council.

He Holds Fastest K.O (knock out) Record in Pakistan. He has been trained at Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines top MMA clubs. He has been offered by several countries to represent them but he refused all those offers as he bleeds green and he loves his land. Mr. Mujtaba said that no matter if GOVT does not support him, he will keep working hard to represent his country and make his people proud. His message for the youth is to keep working hard to achieve your goals; hardships are to make you stronger.

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