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balochistan stars
balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

(Taekwondo) The literal meaning of the word is to use your hands and feet the way it’s supposed to be used. Taekwondo is the major game which is being played by majority of countries and has high proportion of fan club, so our today’s article is also based on a hero a fan and a winner of taekwondo who sacrificed his whole life his wishes and his family traditions to be the one the unstoppable the unbeatable. The name of our today’s struggler is Mr. Akhtar Khan Tareen. He was born on 1st January 1976 and He Belongs from the rich soil of Quetta,Balochistan.

Mr. Akhtar used to be a Football player until he was suggested by His Uncle (Mr. Alam Khan Tareen) to start Taekwondo and sent Him to His Friend the great coach Mr. Abdul Khaliq Dotani. It was the day when the records were to be made and people were to be forced to witness Mr. Akhtar’s Struggle. He started his taekwondo career in 1988 at the age of only 9 Years in the club named Idara-E-Sakafat Hall Located in Satellite Town Quetta and His whole career Mr. Akhtar was trained only in the supervision of Mr. Abdul Khaliq Dotani. As taking a look on His educational Background Mr. Akhtar has done His Masters in Arts (M.A).

Mr. Akhtar Won his first fight in 1992 Lahore and got a Bronze Medal and further carrying on his dreams He Fought 13 National Games Matches in 1992, 95,97,2000 and till 2010 from which Mr. Akhtar was proposed and requested by Pakistan Police, Pakistan Army and by WAPDA to be a member of their team, But as suggested by Mr. Khaliq Dotani WAPDA proposal was accepted and joined by Mr. Akhtar in 1999. As Narrated by Mr. Akhtar in 2010 He retired himself from Taekwondo and started to chase his dream as a Coach and not only this multi talented person is a taekwondo player but also a Snooker Champ Mr. Akhtar after retirement also appeared in Snooker Master Cup 2016.

Mr. Akhtar has represented His country in Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Iran and in Srilanka. And as Narrated By Mr. Akhtar He Himself is His Ideal Personality as everyone want to make a history and wants to be remembered.He believes that its obligatory that he further transfers his knowledge, wisdom and his talent to other youngsters as His Message also for the youth is that “Enlighten Your Country’s Name and Wave The Green Flag Around The Whole World So Everyone Becomes To Know About Us ”    

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