Mr. Ehsan Ali Danish

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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Our Today’s Story is focused on a person who struggled day and night, worked hard in his life and achieved the zenith of success by his Passion to work. This article is also a motivational story for the youth and young generation, who are struggling in their lives or even who think they cannot. So enjoy reading about Mr. Ehsaan Ali Danish” Who’s first cry was witnessed in the rich soil of Quetta, Balochistan.

He belonged to a poor family, his father was a postman. Mr. Ehsan Danish got his early education from Govt. Special High School Quetta. Along with education, he was very active in extra curriculum activities which he believes is the reason for his success. In 1992 All Schools Qirat Competition was held in which he got first position and was selected for All Pakistan competition after winning all Balochistan Qirat competition. Mr. Ehsan believes that this was the turning point of his life. So as narrated by Mr. Ehsan the environment at the airport and the situation was very new for him and he didn’t ever have been taught how to face the world. During his stay in a 5 star hotel at Islamabad he got more depressed because most of the students were from elite class and their conversation was in English which he could not understand. Mr. Ehsan said “I took an oath with myself that at any cost I will learn English language upon reaching Quetta and will become better than elite class students.”

After he came back to Quetta, he had no money to take admission in English language center for which there was only one choice to work at night. Mr. Ehsan became News Paper Hawker at the age of 12 because his father could not afford his fees. He told us “I used to wake up at 3AM midnight to buy newspapers and then deliver door to door till 7AM afterwards go to school then to English language center and after that worked as an electrician to support family.”This routine continued till 1997 until one day he got an offer as an English Language Coach. After his graduation he got job as a Medical Representative in a Pharmaceutical company in 2001. In 2006 he got promoted and transferred to Karachi and headed one of the groups of a company till 2009. Mr. Ehsan Danish started his own company Paradigm Pharmaceuticals, after sometimes established Pharma Solutions (a consultancy firm) in 2010 and then established Hollyhocks Gateway (An event planning company) in 2016.

In this journey of success he never quit religious practice and instead of depending on human beings he always trusted Allah and called for help from Allah only. He was taught by his father to earn only Halal what so ever the situation may be in life. The journey was not easy. After he came to Karachi, he faced leg pulling during job and when started business he had to face severe pressure from corrupt officials and society but he did not give up and kept his struggle continued. Despite all the difficulties Mr. Ehsan was able to make his place in business world and was elected as Joint Secretary of Natural Products Association of Pakistan in 2013 and later Mr. Ehsan got the honor and was elected as President in 2015.

Mr. Ehsan is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH-USA), NLP Practitioner (American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming), Mind Technologies practitioner (Transformation International Society) and a Motivational Speaker. He has presented, waved his country’s flag in Thailand, Malaysia, SaudiArabia, UAE and many others countries. He also has been awarded by many multifarious awards from Idara-E-Saqafat, Children Academy, School Awards, Best Debater Awards, Best Lecturer Awards and many more. His ideals are Muhammad (SAWW) and Quad-e-Azam and his message for the young energetic youth and future of Pakistan is to remain positive and keep going, Allah will only help you when you believe in yourself and in Allah. Don’t ever blame others for your failure. Failure is nothing but only a feedback to your actions, lean from them.

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