Mr. Habib Ur Rehman Panezai

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Article by: Mr. Muhammad Waqar Aslam

Over past many decades a number of distinguished Legends were born in Balochistan. These personalities have brighten the world with their selfless, aspirational abilities and have put in their efforts to make this world a better place for themselves and for their forth coming generations. One of the most promising legendary Personality of Balochistan is Mr. Habib ur Rehman Panezai, who always strives to bring values and significance to Balochistan and cheers people with his work, instead of focusing on his personal interests. He is an Artist, Drama Writer and a Social Worker who belongs from the District Khanozai, 45km from Quetta city Balochistan. He spent his whole life working significantly to bring arts and literature for the province Balochistan. He is also known as Chargull and Bailtoon among the people.

Mr. Habib Panezai born in 1951, gathered initial education from Government Central School Quetta, and then studied up to BA and BEd level. His father was Hakeem by profession and studied Hikmah from Tibya College Dehli and also studied at Deoband.

His brothers also served in field of Literature, Mr Anees ur Rehman is a renowned poet of Brahui Language and has published book named as Dildar Bibi. One of his brother Mr Jameel ur Rehman who is Orthopedic surgeon in England also worked in the field of literature. Mr Habib Panezai started working at the age of 13 years in a Childrens program at PTV named as Zoozan e Gullaan.With the day and night struggle and faith in his abilities made a name at Pakistan Television Industry, as a script writer and in comedy programs. He worked himself in more than 5000 dramas and wrote many drama serials, including Brahui, Balochi, Pashto and Urdu language, several soap serials of Geo TV and Hum TV which includes; Goonj by Zafar Mairaj, Aikaam Mohabbat, Dil e Nadan etc.

He achieved several awards and recognition on National level, three PTV regional awards which include two awards for best actor and one for best writer. His hobbies includes acting, singing and painting. His ideal actor is Nana Patekar. Volunteer work includes comedy writing, because by his work people get laugh and amuse and this is quite satisfactory for Mr.Panezai. He is continuing his work because of his interest and due to the response he receives from his fans.

His message for the youth is don’t be distract due to non-availability of good track, start working as short story/short film writer. I will do my best to train youth into this field without any greed of money. Government should pay attention to this field because it is ruining due to negligence and new talent is not taking interest in this field. Balochistan is enriched with so much talent as compared to the other provinces of Pakistan.  The youth of Balochistan is so hardworking with high intellectual abilities need only direction.

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