Mr. Hameed Sheikh

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Article by Mr Asad Khan

Actors are agent of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.

Acting being an everlasting search for truth and the world being the stage for it we all are actors despite the fact that Very few realize this, among those very few ones a man is with us this evening .Though Acting is not something to talk about still it was a thought-provoking session with this astounding being.

Acting is always therapeutic and actors are the therapists.

Yes We are here to familiarize a renowned therapist, a magical man who alters his look and attitude and transform into anyone. He is Mr. Hameed Sheikh an actor and a producer from the south western part of the country the remote culturally rich Balochistan. Born in capital city Quetta is known for his class performance in Khuda Kay LiyeOperation O21Moor and Abdullah on national grounds while Hearts and Minds, Kandahar Break, The man from Kathmandu Internationally.

He was inherited athlete of heart as said for actors. His career in acting took birth from acting theater on March 23rd on the eve of Republic day of the country early in his sweet sixteen.

Hameed sheikh had been nominated for a number of awards to name some Pride of performance, Lux, Ary, Nigaar et cetra.

Has been representing Pakistan in Asia pacific festival from the last eight years.

Among his Hobbies are inspecting Documentaries parallel to his work, and horse-riding.

When interrogated about Ideal Personality he responded that it is a hard-hitting job to be ideal but he admires qualities present in chunks inside each individual. Mr. Hameed Sheikh gave credit of his current accomplishments to Jamal Shah, Faryal Gohar, Shakeel Adnan and Sajjad Ahmed, Asif Shah, some of the eminent faces of Pakistani film industry.

The vital most dilemmas which is pinching him concerning the youth of Pakistan is that they are losing the hold of their roots in terms of culture and identity. They must get attach with their culture, norms and values in order to stay original.

For acting being always therapeutic we wish a well-off life to our therapist Mr. Hameed Sheikh. Balochistan stars will implore for his outspread number of breaths so that he could with his know-how bring prosperity to the region he undeniably is a decent soul prioritizing his province and its folks on every stand may he have further for the coming triumphs.

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