Mr. Kamran Khan

Young Researcher & Gold Medalist | Balochistan Stars

Article by:  Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Mr. Kamran Khan earned his BS degree in Petroleum and Gas Engineering from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) Pakistan. He is an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)International, and served as Head of Technical Committee at SPE Quetta Student Chapter, BUITEMS, Quetta. He is also active in social activities with UNDP, PRCS and PEAS.

During his BS studies Mr. Kamran worked on a technical research paper and introduced Nano Technology in Oil & Gas Industry which can be used in easy extraction of hydrocarbons. He participated in SPE 2016 South Asia Student Paper Contest held on March 16-18, 2016, at Dhanabad India, and presented his technical research paper to the pioneers of Oil & Gas Industry and achieved 1st place in the contest leaving behind the participants from 17 countries around the globe. He was the only Pakistani student who was selected to present in the contest and represented Pakistan. He has authored world class technical research papers. Upon the special invitation from SPE International, He once again represented Pakistan & South Asia by presenting his another technical research paper in international conference “Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE)” held at Dubai, from Sep 25-28, 2016, where his utmost efforts were highly appreciated. He has also competed at National level conferences like ATC, Islamabad organized by SPE-PAPG and achieved positions.

Recently his another technical research paper entitled “Unlocking Unconventional Resources of Shale and Tight Gas Reservoirs” has been accepted for presentation at Global Petroleum Show to be held at Calgary Canada in 2019. Once again he will be representing Pakistan in that contest.

In recognition of world class achievements Mr. Kamran Khan has been rewarded an “Appreciation Award” by Pakistan Army on March 29, 2016. He has also received “SATHA Innovation Award” in 1st Invention to Innovation Summit 2016. More recently he has been rewarded by the largest award of Balochistan “Balochistan Excellence Award 2016” on December 25, 2016 by Govt. of Balochistan. He is also nominated for Pakistan Gold Medal” by Pakistan Engineering Council.

He is ambitious to put his exceptional efforts in showing the positive image of Balochistan at international platform and for him sky is not the limit. We the entire team of “Balochistan Stars” wish him best of luck for his future endeavor.

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