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balochistan Stars
balochistan Stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Over past many decades a number of distinguished Legends were born in the arid lands of Balochistan.Those blooming stars have brighten the world with their aspirational personalities and have put in their efforts to make this world a better place for themselves and for their new generations. According to a famous quote by Sarah Bernhardt Legends remain Victorious in spite of history”. Today we are presenting one of the most promising legendary Personality of Balochistan who has always strives to bring values and significance to Balochistan instead of focusing on his personal success. This aspiring personality is a person who in his whole life has worked significantly and still is working to bring reforms and development for the province Balochistan who is Mr. Mahfooz Ali Khan (Ex-Chief Secretary/Secretary Finance), who hails from the beautiful valley of Quetta, Balochistan.

Initiating the story from his early childhood life, when he was only one year old both his parents passed away and then he and his siblings were raised by their Grandmother. A few years passed barely and the “Grandmother” the only caretaker passed away and Sir Mahfooz Ali Khan along with other siblings were left on their own to face the hardships of life. Life was never easy for this promising and most brilliant young man but he never gave up on his dreams and worked really hard by attaining prominent positions in his educational carrier.

In his early youth Mr. Mahfooz Ali Khan had to find a Job and earn in order to meet the finances to complete his education, so he started working in night shift for a known newspaper named “Zamana”. The hours of working were late and tough but he never surrendered and passed his masters with a First position in the whole province.

After completing his university life in 1974 he worked shortly for 6 months at industries Dept as Research Investigator. Later in 1977 he passed “Public Service Commission” exams and joined civil service as a Section Officer in P&D due to his hard work and served 4 years as section officer. Mr. Mahfooz has the honor of being the Second Youngest Section Officer of Balochistan. After giving his services in P&D as a section officer he came to Education Sector and then to Home Dept. At the time of posting in Home Dept Mr. Mahfooz attempted CSS and was appointed in Balochistan as a Telephone Revenue Officer, after giving 3 years of his services he got promoted to Deputy Accountant General in Accountant General Office there he gave his services 7 Years and by the grace of Allah Almighty and his hard work he promoted to Additional Accountant General Officer.

Giving his services in Balochistan and seeing him as honest and active in his duties the government appoint him Additional Secretary Finance and was transferred to Controller Military Accounts Quetta Command from there Mr. Mahfooz came to NIPA (National Institute of Public Administration) and worked as a Director there and later on he was appointed as Secretary Finance. He had the privilege to serve for the longest period in “Finance Department” as Secretary Finance for over six years and has served Balochistan as a Chief Secretary for as well but for a very short period.

Mr. Mahfooz also has the honor bringing the National Financial Award (NFC) to Balochistan, he voluntarily works for his nation’s betterment and have provided free educational classes and lectures free of cost. Mr. Mahfooz has also the honor of a Motivational Speaker/Lecturer, for he had a vision to enlighten the talented and skillful students and youth of the Balochistan and give them a platform. Mr. Mahfooz has delivered his lectures and volunteered his precious services for Academia like Iqra University, Balochistan University, BUITEMS (Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences) and many other institutions.

Mr. Mahfooz has represented his country in more than 30 Countries which includes England, Switzerland, China, Singapore, India, Thailand and many more. Mr. Mahfooz has been awarded by many awards by the platform of his services and his volunteer work. His Hobbies are Hiking, Gardening, Wild Life and Book Reading. His message for today’s youth is “ To chase your dreams but work hard for it, give your best and never fear failure and do not stop believing in yourself”.

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