Mr. Muhammad Azeem Kakar

Social & Youth Activist, Ex- Coordinator CM | Balochistan Stars

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Article by Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Activism consists of efforts to promote, direct social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make improvements in society. So today Balochistan Stars is going to introduce a social activist who in his every step of life promoted humanity and worked for the betterment of the society as a Social Activist. The name of our today’s hero is Mr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Kakar, Who in present is serving as, the President of Ilmia Academy, established in 2009.

Mr. Azeem belongs from the beautiful land of Pishin, Balochistan and has done his MA I.R (Masters in International Relations). He always wanted to reform the society and work for his country but the question that came in his mind was HOW to do that, after completing his masters in 2008 he applied for the job of Federal Lecturer in 2009 to serve his nation and make his dreams come true for a better community and state. In 2013 hestarted to teach PAK STUDIES in Tameer-E-Nau College.

Later Mr. Azeem joined politics and was very much impressed by the political approach of Mr. Imran Khan (Chairman of PTI) Mr. Azeem joined PTI in 2014 and decided to work for his country, within six months he was offered the President Ship of Quetta but he refused the offer as he was not well versed. After a year for his latent he was appointed the Central Public Relation Coordinator of PTI.

Mr. Azeem awakens his nation by the power of his writing skills. In 2012 his first book published by the name of IR FOR ALL, 2013: Waqiyat-O-Shakhsiyat and 696 Popular Quotes. He also published 300+ Articles for Newspapers: Mashriq and Jung. Mr. Azeem has also worked as an Anchor with ROZE Channel. Instead of all this our hero has also the honor of a Great Footballer and has played in Pakistan football team under 19.

Mr. Azeem has been invited in 300+ Seminars as a guest and speaker. He has been awarded by many awards in his School and College life and also has been awarded by Shah Mehmmod Qureshi the Appreciation Award. His ideal is our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), his hobby is reading books and in the final his message for the youth is “Nothing is Impossible for a willing and Contented Mind, Keep expediting your Struggle”.    

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