Mr. Muhammad Waris

Youngest Assistant Commissioner of Balochistan | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Achievers are not born talented but they possess the “I can do it” attitude. High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately, if you followed these principles, no one can stop you from making your dream come true. So today Balochistan Stars presents you the man of honor, the respected and dutiful person whose first cry was witnessed in the beautiful surroundings of Sohbatpur, Balochistan, Mr. Muhammad Waris, who have been giving his full efforts, his services, his day and night for the peace and care of his nation, youth and his beloveds as an Assistant Commissioner.  

Coming to his educational background he has done his basic education from his village Manjipur, and came to Quetta for Graduation from UOB (University of Balochistan) and further took admission in University of Law College to study Law. As narrated by Mr. Muhammad Waris in the second year of his college he attempted and appeared in Civil Services examination and by the blessing of Allah Almighty and the prayers of his loved ones on his first attempt he passed the examinations.

Now the question which arises in the mind that how Mr. Waris came to this field and selected this field as his career, drags him back to the time when they shifted to Quetta and he by the reference of his brother went to the an academy where preparation of compatible examinations were held, so during the conversation he was surprised when instead of having an admission, he got a job proposal where they wanted him to teach English language to the students and also can continue his own preparation, so it was the time when gradually this thought came into his mind and he decided to give his services in the betterment of nation and society.

Mr. Waris is the first young blood of his district and cast Khokar to achieve this position and honor of being an Assistant Commissioner. He has given his services in Mastung as an Under Training Officer, Quetta: Special Magistrate WASA and currently serving as Assistant Commissioner Washuk. Instead of all this Mr. Waris also hold the honor of being a finest youth and social activist and has given his services in youth career counseling and conducted free classes for youth. As narrated by Mr. Waris he feels proud to represent his village Manjipur and as give back to his people he has conducted Compatible Examination sessions to introduce them to this field and also is making efforts to establish a finest educational institute in his village and every rural area.    

He has been awarded by many awards in his life which consists of Award for Best Speaker, First Position in Parliamentary Debate, award for Best Teacher and he believes that coming from a backward area and attaining always first position in his educational career by the effort, hard works and prayers of his family is the most expensive award for him. He also has been invited in more than 50 events as a Speaker, Guest of Honor, a Motivational Speaker and Career Counselor. In the end of our today’s article Mr. Waris’s Message for the today’s generation and for the youth is”Dear young People do not Bury your Talents the Gifts that has been given to you as a blessings do not be afraid to Dream of Great Things ” .        

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