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balochistan stars
balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Rubab, mostly known as Robab or Rabab which derives its name from the Arab Rebab which means “played with a bow” but in Central Asia the instrument is plucked and is distinctly different in construction. The rubab is mainly used by Pashtun, Turkish, Kashmiri, Baloch, Azerbaijani, and Iranian Kurdish classical musicians but today we will introduce you to the man who in his community have promoted Rubab Mr. Nawazish Nasirey son of Mr. Peter a Harmonium player. As Narrated by Mr. Nawazish it was not him who chose this field it was the field that choose him as music is inherited in him.

Mr. Nawazish was born on 20th September 1987 and have done B.A, L.L.B and M.A (I-R), he is also a member of the band named Flame Band (Established in 2014) and Melodia Production House (Established in 2009). Mr. Nawazish firstly started guitar under the supervision of the Late Mr. Bobby after that as narrated by Mr. Nawazish he luckily got a chance to learn Rubab from the great Ustad Payinda for just a week. As time passed and Mr. Nawazish was now able to move somewhere so he moved to Lahore for further learning Rubab under the supervision of Ustad Tanveer Hussain son of Mr. Taha (Guitarist at Coke Studio) which treated him like his own son and took care of him in every step and situation of his life.

 In this journey of his life the person who most supported Mr. Nawazish was his Sister and also he was supported by each and every person of his life as Mr. Nawazish said that he looks alone but at back of him there are thousands of people who supports him and persuades him.

Mr. Nawazish’s first performance was at his school from which he took it as his career and which led him to today’s fame and which further increased his demand and Mr. Nawazish performed in the T20 Balochistan 2014. Their Melodia Production House have also reached its peak as it have created many music and theme songs for (Short Films) Khazana, Abdullah, Sangat (The First Balochi Film), Siraaj (Oscar Nominated) and also have created music for the (Drama) directed and produced by Mr. Aman Ullah Nasar (Musafiri Sakhta Khuwari Da) and also have a honor for the (Theme Songs) made for SBK, NAIB and UOB. Mr. Nawazish has also been awarded by T20 Award 2014 and instead for music the multi talented man is also a motivational speaker which touches the inner heart of people and has also been awarded by Motivational Speaker Award 2017.

As Narrated by Mr. Nawazish his ideal personality is his master Ustad Tanveer Hussain and his message for the youth is that” The Youth of Today are The Leaders of Tomorrow, Work Hard” 

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