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balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Today our article is on a most Professional, Hardworking personality and a Fabulous Leader who has always served his country and public in every situation. He belongs from a highly educated and well known family of Balochistan. The Ex President of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf) Balochistan Mr. Qasim Khan Suri. He completed His Education from the UOB (University of Balochitan) in M.A International Relationship (I-R). As Taking a look on this person’s lifeMr. Suri was very much impressed by the personality of Mr. Imran Khan (Founder and President of PTI) from his teenage when at the time Mr. Imran Khan was the Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and supported Mr. Imran Khan from the very first when donations were being collected for Mr. Imran’s first Cancer Hospital named (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital).

When Mr. Imran Khan announced that he is creating his own political party with the name of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf in 1996 Mr. Qasim Khan Suri and his Brother (Bilal Khan) were the very first persons who joined PTI from Balochistan and they were very much appreciated officially from the party president Mr. Imran Khan. Since 1996 Mr. Suri had been a great active member of PTI from Balochistan Platform but in 2007 when the party came to its peek when the party raised so do Mr. Suri and he more increased His activeness and became Vice President for the very first time which then changed to Secretary General which then led him to be Deputy Organizer of Balochistan and after that President of PTI Balochistan in 2014.    

In 2013 Mr. Qasim Khan Suri was Nominated From the party platform to fight against the seat of N-A 259 of Quetta City, Which is the most toughest and difficult seat of the province. More than 50 Candidate were fighting election for the seat Mr. Qasim Suri somehow did not won that election but showed everyone that how much the demand is available for him and he got 16000+ Votes in the election.

During the career of Mr. Qasim Khan Suri he had represented Pakistan Balochistan in many countries, and in 2013 he had visited China by the Platform of PTI with the Delegation consisting MPA’s and MNA’s of Pakistan as Team Representative. His Mission and Vision is to Educate every Child of Pakistan and bring peace Love and judgment in the society, To bring Poor and Rich to the Equal Platform.

During the interview Mr. Qasim Suri Said that his Ideal Personality is Off Course Mr. Imran Khan and His Message for the youth is that “Almost everything that is great has been done by youth    

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