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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

(Volunteerism) the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community. A volunteer puts his soul to accomplish the dream the vision and same is the case here, So today we are about to introduce you the young passionate man, a leader with great ambitions, son of Pakistan which belongs from the rich soil of Loralai,Baluchistan Mr. Saboor Ahmed Kakar.

So the success story of Mr. Saboor starts as usual from the start of his life which consists of how he got to this field and was that inherited or not so the answer is yes it is inherited. As narrated by Mr. Saboor his Father was also a social worker a humble and generous person who till death helped the poor the needy, now as we highlight the turning point of Mr. Saboor it was the time of 2008 when volunteers were giving aid to the people of Ziarat who lost their everything in earthquake so this was the point which charged Mr. Saboor towards the volunteerism and gave him the position which Mr. Saboor holds nowadays.

As every success story their always comes a portion of life in which a man had struggled to achieve his dreams and same was with Mr. Saboor as hard work is the bet to success it’s an obligation so the most difficulties which was faced by Mr. Saboor were the cultural barriers, the corruption and weak thoughts but when it comes to the man with high ambitions and visions these all difficulties are forced to abolish in front of the dreamer.

Now throwing light on Mr. Saboor’s career he has worked with many national and international organizations first he got registered volunteer with Red Crescent in 2008 he had been Youth Parliament Pakistan’s Vice President, 2 Years Leadership of Pakistan National Youth, South Asian Coordination Member, Asia Pacific Youth Network Focal Person, Also have worked for Khudi Pakistan for Civic Education, Works also for Alif Ailaan and have worked 2 Years with  Kitakyushu  form on Asian Women. The major thing which Mr. Saboor has worked on is Gender Issues, Disaster Management, Youth Development, Volunteerism, Women Abuse, Education and Poverty Reduction.

The Great person with great saying believes in his own self made theory is that he believes that he can’t himself abolish this disasters but what he can do is he can make a tireless effort to reduce it and this can’t be abolished total until and unless we all also try tirelessly with him.

Coming to Mr. Saboor’s Achieving section he has the honor of first Pakistani to receive World Top Ten Volunteer Award and also he had been awarded by many other awards which consists of Presidential Award For Pakistan’s Best Volunteer 2014, he also has presented his country in China 2014, Japan 2015, Malaysia 2015 and Sri Lanka 2016.

Now every hero has a vision and our today’s hero Mr. Saboor’s Vision is to establish a School of Leadership where he can guide youth show them a track assist them and by this he want to decrease his countries unemployment level.

Mr. Saboor’s Hobbies are Cricket, Travelling and Social Gathering. As narrated by Mr. Saboor every person with a positive thought following a true path is his Ideal and his message for the youth is that ”Education is the Most Powerful weapon,  which you can Change the World”.

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