Mr. Saeed Ahmed Dummar

2018 PCS Topper, Assistant Commissioner | Balochistan Stars

balochistan stars
balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

It is said that “To shine like sun first you have to burn like a sun” because “There is no substitute for hard work” as no one is different “If others can do it why can’t you”. “The expert in anything was once a beginner”.“Confidence and hard work are the best medicine to kill the disease called failure”.

All aforementioned qualities best suited Mr. Saeed Ahmed Dummar (Topper of PCS Balochistan) who strived day and night to become what he wanted to become.  Mr. Saeed was born on 16th Sep 1981 and he is basically from Kuchlak, Killa Dumarran (A District some miles away from Quetta).He has done his Matriculation from a Govt High School, Kuchlak, Intermediate from Govt Musa Inter College, BSC from Govt Science College and Doubles Masters in Zoology from University of Balochistan (UOB) in 2005.

After doing his masters, Mr. Saeed was suggested by his mentor/ teacher Mr. Asim Iqbal to appear in Government competitive exams.  He started preparation for Vacant Government positions. His professional life started back in 2004 when he was first appointed as researcher in BUITEMS. He later passed and appointed as Lecturer in Government Degree College and then District Forest Officer in Forest and Wild Life Department in 2011. Even though he had a good job but he wanted to get Excellent. He started preparation for PCS (Assistant Commissioner) exam. He appeared and topped the exam. According to Mr. Dummar, his inner self was not satisfied and always wanted to serve his nation.

As Narrated by Mr. Saeed the most difficult part of his struggle was that he had his schooling in Urdu medium. It was not easy for him to translate from Urdu to English. However, his continuous struggle made him to overcome aforementioned difficulties. He put his fear beneath his ambition and abolished his difficulty. Mr. Saeed is also honored to become the First Assistant Commissioner of his Dummar Tribe.

As narrated by Mr. Saeed, his fight will always will be to escalate quality and quantity of education and health sector. His dream is to establish an academy where he can provide quality education.

Mr. Saeed’s ideal personalities are Nisar Ahmed Dummar (his brother) and Mr. Asim Iqbal (his mentor/ teacher). Mr. Saeed’s Hobby is watching cricket. According to Mr. Dummar, he has not missed a single cricket match since 1992.

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