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Balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Today our article is on a very young, talented, amiable personality who belongs from the rich sand and  a very beautiful and famous district of Nokshki, Balochistan, “Mr. Waseem Ullah but in the field of music his name is Mr. Waseem Alam. He is one of a great and talented singer from Balochistan Pakistan, Mr. Waseem was Born on 1 January 1989 in Noshki, Completed his Study From University of Balochistan.

Mr. Waseem started singing from his childhood, As his family had always acquiesced to his demands. In the very first he used to sing songs, Naats, Hamds and Patriotic Songs in School, by the passage of time his Intrest in singing become more cumulative day by day, and he erudite singing in the concerts and function with the company of his friends and especially got fabricated by his mentor Mr. Allam Masroor (The Great and Famous Brahvi Singer). Mr. Waseem never forsake his Struggle and Passion of singing, Mr. Waseem Alam remained furtive for many times and in 2008 he started his career by launching his very first Album in Brahvi Language which was a big hit album of that time.

In 2017 Mr. Waseem Alam heard about the competition of singing with the name of (Balochistan Talent Hunt Competition) which was held by the (Cultural and Tourism Department) by Government of Balochistan, Mr. Waseem became very jubilant and without any fear of repudiate packed up himself for Competition and he was also encouraged by his friends to participate in the competition. Mr. Waseem connived the plan and went to the competition he was in serendipity that he reached the auditions 2 days before the deadline, and Alhamdulilah he was selected by the judges on his first performance in front of the jury. In very brusque time Mr. Waseem passsed all the stages of competition and appeared in the top 3 from all over Balochistan in final round. As Mr. Waseem was circumspect about the clandestines of the field, it was the final day of the of Balochistan talent hunt, All the judges, Participants, Media and Audience were there. The competition was very tough for the judges to judge the competators, but by the hard work, prayers, Struggle of Mr. Waseem he had won the competition of All Balochistan by the grace of Allah and prayers of his mentors and Parents and elated everyone. And Was very much Appreciated by the Judges and Audience for his impeccable and intrepid performance.

Mr. Waseem Allam was Awarded with Cash price of 1 Lac rupees by the hand of Nawab Mohammad Khan Shawani Minister S&GD.

During the career of Mr. Waseem Alam he has been awarded by many awards and sung many songs in many platforms like PTV Bolan Programs, Balochistan Talent Hunt Programs, and also awarded by UNICEF in 2009, By Noshki Youth Award in 2010, and Many other awards from Social Societies.

After the Achievements of Mr. Alam he has been offered from many singing programs and platforms to join them.

Mr. Waseem has a wish to be in the No. 1 incisive voices of Balochistan and Pakistan. We the complete team of Balochistan Stars wish him very best of luck for his future and up coming projects.

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