Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Achakzai

International Gold Medalist Champion Wushu | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Prof. Muhammad Javed Sarparah

It is believed that Man is the architect of his own fate.  He has to make his own existence at every moment even in the unfavorable circumstances. Nothing is impossible in this world. Man has accomplished many tasks that were considered impossible in the past. When determination combines with hope then success is guaranteed. If one keeps struggling despite the hard time, he will reach the destination. World is replete with people who have become icons for the societies.

 A man, Zahoor Ahmed Achakzai , linked with Wushu ,is among those. He was born in district Chaman in 1980.He is graduated from Balochistan. He is associated with the Wushu game. He joined this game coincidently when he visited the club along with his brother. He wished to play since then. He made this game his aim of life. He firstly joined Baldia Wushu academy Chaman when he was eight years old.

He is currently the part of Pakistan WAPDA and internationally he is connected with Pakistan Wushu federation. He faced a lot of hardships and felt disappointed because of not being supported from government except Wushu federation. When he was asked how many matches nationally and internationally he has played, the reply was quite interesting that he can’t remember the exact number of matches but surely he remembers how many medals he has won. He still remembers the first ever achievement of his career when he won the silver medal in Chaman.

He won a bronze medal in face friendship Cup in Iran in 2014. He got a silver medal in West Asia Wushu Championship in Iran in 2015. He achieved a silver medal in 12thsouth Asia Games in India in 2016. He won the bronze medal in Islamic Republic Games in Azerbaijan in 2017. He secured 5th position in world ranking in 14thworld Wushu championship in Russia in 2017. He won a gold medal in Pak and Afghan friendships championship cup in Pakistan in 2017. He secured a gold medal in South Asia Wushu championship in Pakistan in 2018. He got silver medal in SCO Wushu championship in china in 2018. He achieved a silver medal in Faris in Iran in 2018.He secured 5th position in Asian games Jakarta in Indonesia in 2018.

Apart from these international achievements he has won plethora of medals in national level. He has visited many countries of the world i.e. Iran, India, Azerbaijan, Russia.  Dubai, China, Thailand, Indonesia. His future planning is to make a well established academy for the youth so that they can be busy in such physical activities which will definitely make them fit and healthy. His first teacher was Amanullah Achakzai. His favourite and ideal personality is, Jet Lii, who is an actor. The secret which lies behind his success is, the continuous support of his family and their trust.

 Lastly, his message for the youth is “Your hard work will decide your future, once you become a hard worker, then nothing and no one can stop you to become a talented and successful athlete. Keep working hard with full devotion and enthusiasm.”

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