Mr. Zia Khan

Social Activist , Founder Quetta online | Balochistan Stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Today our article is on a highly talented and passionate young blood, a guy on a mission to change the society through social media. The name of today’s hard worker and social activist is Mr. Zia Khan (Zia-Ur-Rehman). He belongs from a very beautiful district of Balochitan. Mr Zia Khan was very talented and study lover from his childhood so he completed his basic qualification from Muslim Baagh and for his further studies to well educate himself heafter his Matriculation shifted to Quetta city and done his F.Sc from Science College Quetta and completed his Graduation and Masters from Prestern University.

Mr. Zia Khan had always a wish to do something for the betterment of the society, to play a positive role in society, to give back the society and Mother Nature what it provided from the very beginning day to us. So Mr. Zia Khan along with his team took the step and started an organization through Facebook in 2009 by the name of Quetta Online which was very though in the beginning to start and to handle it but with the help of the team, prayers of his elders and mentors, by the Grace of Allah and the right intentions of Mr. Zia Khan the organization strengthen his roots. The volunteerism was in Mr. Zia Khan’s blood as his Father was also an social activist.

In the very early days of Mr. Zia Khan’s hard work when he didn’t started the Quetta Online, he had a vision to banish every persons Polio and complete his dream of polio free world so he worked day and night on polioin 2008 and started a campaign to aware the people and travelled district by district, door to door himself with his team to give polio drops to children as Mr. Zia Khan is also affected by Polio, it was a complete volunteer work done by Mr. Zia Khan with the polio team of Balochistan government.

After successfully completing the campaign of polio Mr. Zia Khan and his team decided to also work voluntarily on the other projects. In this journey of Mr. Zia Khan he had worked on many different activities with his team members by the platform of Quetta and Balochistan Online. The main focus of Mr. Zia Khan and his team is on Education, Health, promoting Youth by motivation.

In his journey they had done many social activities like Green Quetta movement, Skill Donation, Tree Plantation, Zebra Crossing, Keep Clean Quetta, Color Quetta, Wall of Kindness, Motivational Lectures,  and Blood Donations on regular basis. Many workshops and programs are held by Mr. Zia Khan and team every year for social change and youth activities.

The Biggest Dream of Mr. Zia Khan was which he always want to be fulfilled and in which he was working day and night is to build a Free Cancer Hospital for the people of Balochistan, and from the last three to four years Mr. Zia Khan with his team worked for it was completed in 2019, by PM Imran Khan and CM Kamal khan.

In the career of Mr. Zia Khan he has been awarded by many award for his social activities by the platform of Quetta and Balochistan Online like UNV Award the three consecutive times i.e. 2016, 2017 & 2018, SATHA Innovation Award, Human Rights Award, Shaheed Riaz Khan Jogezai Award, I Own Pakistan Award, Talented preneurship Award from the University of Balochistan, Balochistan excellence award winner in Dec 2018 , In recognition to greater social activities, Chief Minister Balochistan has selected Founder, Quetta Online as one of board members of Baluchistan Endowment Fund and many others.

During the interview of Mr. Zia Khan he said that what I am today is just because of my parents, family, teachers, friends and all the volunteers who have motivated me in every step of my life. And Mr. Zia also said a Quotation for the youth that “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth”.

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