Ms. Almas Jaan Baloch

Researcher, Social Activist, CEO 7th Studio, Media Journalist | Balochistan Stars

balochistan stars
balochistan stars

Article by: Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Women’s empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Women’s economic empowerment refers to the ability for women to enjoy their right to control and benefit from resources, assets, income and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being. So today Balochistan Stars is going to represent you a girl who fought for her right didn’t hesitated and stepped backwards instead of coming always further for her rights Miss Almas Jaan Baloch. Belongs from the rich soil; beautiful valley of Balochistan.

Miss Almas with the grace of Allah Almighty has multifarious designations which consist: Anchor Person: PTV News, Brand Ambassador: Meer Deal, International Culture Designer, Documentary Maker: Aljazeera and Almas Education Society: Founder & President.

Coming to the portion of her life that how she struggled to reach her present designations and success, what difficulties she faced the most is that in 2012 when she got the best student award in her university her shine reached Vash Channel so Vash News invited her as a guest and that was a day when she realized that now the time starts for her to rise and shine. Instead of that Miss Almas had very earlier reached her destiny and at the time of Intermediate she had the honor of being a great producer and used to make documentaries and also had the honor of writing, she also wrote an article about female named (What Is Aurat?) which was mostly liked by almost everyone and because of her great and loyal work she was proposed to join Vash Channel. 

She gave her services 3 Years as a Host and then got promoted to Director, after giving 2 Years of services as director and Head of Department, as it is said no matter what happens the destiny calls and same is the case here suddenly Miss Almas got the opportunity and got selected to for Research in Neuro Disease for 1 Year in which she put her TV career aside for sometimes and gave all the time to her internship and that was the time people gave her also the title of a Researcher, as seeing to her loyal and great work she was also proposed by Malaysian University to come and start a research in Neuro Disease.

Instead of being connected to the field of media Miss Almas also holds the talent of being a great Guitarist, Singer, Public Speaker and Female Boxer. Miss Almas has also been awarded by many beautiful awards which consist: Karachi Icon Award 2015, Women Excellence Award 2017 and many more. She has also represented her country in many countries. Her future plans are implementing the Chinese Medicines and their way of treatment in her country Pakistan which will be considered her great services for her nation and establishing a Corruption Free organization and in the final her message for the youth is” IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE IN SOCEITY FIRST,CHANGE YOUR SELF”.

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