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balochistan stars

Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Today our article is on the most Talented, Passionate and Brave lady from which every girl gets a motivation to achieve their dreams and not to step back, from which every disappointed girl gets a lesson of not to sit in the dark and come forward to her success. The name of our today’s struggler and hard worker lady is Miss Hadeel Sahal Albaloshi. Miss Hadeel belongs from a baloch family of the beautiful land and rich soil of Balochistan, Panjgur, Sarikoran. Recently Miss Hadeel is living in Karachiandshe has done her masters from Iqra University (IU) Karachi and still she’s on the path of her PHD in (Masters and Advertising). Miss Hadeel in present is the CEO and Founder of the well developed Organization known as Culture Online. As Narrated by Miss Hadeel the culture online was her research at the time of university but as time was passing by her teacher and mentor Sir Rashid Ali suggested Miss Hadeel to launch it as a business. The suggestion got accomplished very fast and soon the products started to sell all over the country.

Instead of being the CEO and Founder of Culture Online Miss Hadeel the multi talented is also the Vice Chairperson of Youth and Media Development and also a great Anchorperson and TV Representer. The question is how, so as narrated and told by Miss Hadeel that after graduation Brahvi and Pashto Show Hoster Jobs was announced by PTV (Pakistan Television) when Miss Hadeel’s Father sawthe pamphlets he forced her to go for auditions. Miss Hadeel reached the audition and got the job, this was her first step of the career and with the float of time Miss Hadeel did more than 100+ Morning Shows. Miss Hadeel Sahal Albaloshi always wanted to help the youth it was her wish a service which she wanted to give to people of her country. She was a show hoster at PTV Bolan but still worked as a volunteer and wanted to take the talent and strugglers in front of people by the help of her show. As in early times she also have worked with the Youth Parliament  Karachi for youth, but Miss Hadeel Left the organization because she disliked their policies and after that She started to work with a Federation named Media and Youth Development with Pakistan Chamber of Commerce (PCC).

Miss Hadeel’s first field was Media Sciences when she chooses her career and she is the First Girl from her Tribe who choose this field. She faced many difficulties at starting she was guided unauthentic about the field and she was tried to be stopped and not gone forward, not also Miss Hadeel but her Father was also misguided by the people that, but Miss Hadeel’s Brother took the stand for her Sister and fulfilled her dreams and supported her.

Miss Hadeel also had represented her country in Oman, Iran and Dubai, Saudia Arabia. She also have been invited by Chinafor the Culture Fiesta but due to some circumstances she sent her re-presenters to China to attend the event. Miss Hadeel have also worked with many TV Channels which consists of PTV (Pakistan Television), BOL, HUM TV, TV ONE and ARY NEWS. Miss Hadeel have also achieved many achievements and awards as she got the Best Student Award in 2012 from IU (Iqra University), Best Streaming Teacher Award, Youth Parliament Award, Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Award and many awards and certificate by Dr. Lal Muhammad Kakar.

During her interview Miss Hadeel said that her ideal personality are her Parents and  Family as they are everything to her and what she is today is just because of her parents and Dr. Lal Khan Kakar her Mentor. Her message for the youth was that “Always Respect and Obey Your Parents as No One Can Fulfill the Gap of them”                 

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