Ms. Raheela Hameed Durrani

First Female Speaker of Pakistan, Ex- Speaker Balochistan Assembly


Article by: Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Miss Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani is an exceptional humanitarian, a visionary philanthropist and a legendary voice raiser for human rights in Balochistan. Her rare insight made her a promoter and a tireless advocate of social justice for the weaker levels of society, resulting in towering impacts. Ms. Raheela had been thrice elected as the Member Provincial Assembly Balochistan on women’s reserved seat in three consecutive terms, 2002- 2008, 2008-2013 and from 2013 to 2018. She has the honor of being First Female Speaker of Balochistan Provincial Assembly, during her last tenure in government she has also served as the Minister for Prosecution but her works goes far beyond her titular occupation. She is more commonly known as a role model, compassionate soul for the needy and an empathetic society leader. She considers that the problematic situation of Balochistan can be solved by addressing the grievances of people. All major educational institutions, hospitals and sports organizations have her ongoing and completed developmental works.

An innovator, in the true sense of the word, she keeps on discovering ways to help society. She was the first to initiate medical and education fund for the deserving. She has taken practical steps to address dwelling issues for neglected sections, like working women, female students, old people and orphans. She especially arranged and participated in walks, passed resolutions to promote the issues of blind people while also endorsing steps for education of special children. Public from all sectors of society rests their confidence in her endeavors to solve their issues.

In capacity as a Journalist, social activist, lawyer, sports woman and now in politics she had the privilege to represent the country at various international forums in a number of countries and received good recognition of her services. As member Provincial Assembly Balochistan/ Provincial Minister Balochistan, she always rose above any prejudice for the common good. After the earthquake of year 2005 in Kashmir and KPK, she was the only MPA from Balochistan who visited the affected areas and participated in the relief work.

She has served as the FIRST Member from Balochistan of National Commission on Status of Women (1999) and has worked a lot for the cause of women. She is also member of National Commission on Human Development and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. In her capacity as law practitioner, she is an active member of BalochistanHighCourtBar Association and All Pakistan Women Lawyers Association. She is known in the judicial circles as a justice seeker, fighting many cases for women without taking any monetary returns. The word “Born Social Worker” can portray her multi dimensional personality. She is not only founder of an NGO but is also associated with a numerous NGOs and other National/International organizations.

She is a firm believer in justice for all. A woman of exceptional talent, she stands unrivalled for her meritoriously munificent services. Dedicating her life for the social welfare, she took all initial constraints on herself as a pioneering trendsetter in many fields opening new avenues for the upcoming generation. The civil society idealizes and appreciates her multifarious contributions in the field of Social Work, gender issues and child labor.In recognition of her contributions in the field of Social Work, Gender Issues and Child Labor, she was awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan. Her sincere efforts and dedication to serve Balochistan will always be remembered. Balochistan Stars wishes her all the best in her every future endeavor.

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