Ms. Roshan Khursheed Bharucha

Ex- MNA , Ex- MPA, Ex- Senator, Social Activist, Educationist | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Hameed Ullah Sherani

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you” reflects a few brains residing among us.

A very brainy individual today is Miss Roshan Khursheed Bharucha with us.

Born in capital city Quetta. She acquired her early education form the same city Bachelor from University of Balochistan and went for master out to Punjab.

She chose to teach went to renowned educational institutions of the city. She had got a good chance to join ILO as secretary in 1982. After that she started working as project manager with a German company named GZT, now known as German international company.

Her journey lead her to Balochistan assembly where she was provided the charge of social welfare ministry where in her tenure she inaugurated BUITEMS the well known IT University in 2000.

When questioned about her entry in politics she said, “The only purpose of coming to politics was to serve needy and poor people and aim of life was to promote youth. Supporting the youth is my wish and I never want to leave Balochistan”.

In 2003, she became a senator, became the chair person of senate head committee, chairperson of standing commute’s health committee. During this span she went through thick and thins to uplift her Province in terms of educations and awareness.

An orphanage named SOS Children Village of Balochistan with 140 plus individuals is run by her and committee members presently.

Mrs Bharucha became the head of senior citizens organization. In 2009 she became social welfare minister. In federal caretaker government she was given the ministry of railway, saffron, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan affairs, human rights, and post office. Where she fulfilled her duties with all her soul and heart.

In the year 2000 at the time of ministry she played a vital role in shaping the positive image of our community by uplifting domain of education whereby most of iconic figures of politics and bureaucracy remained her students.

Madam Khursheed Bharucha had received many awards on international level. She feels regret as she has never been awarded provincially and nationally in Pakistan.

She has gotten All Asia Representative award, American award, recently she got World Zoroastrian Award in USA in Social Work and many more.

Had a chance to visit 30 plus foreign countries, to name some, Germany, Geneva, Iran, Sri Lanka, Maldives, turkey more and more.

Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, liaquat Ali khan, Benazir Bhutto, and the great Akbar Khan bugti. Are the few stars responsible for lighting her path to success.

Petting dogs and different Birds are among her hobbies. Apart from these she is landowner too where she has the cultivation.

To count some of her dreams yet to be transformed into realities are creating opportunities for students in terms of jobs and scholarships and the authorship of a book with possible title of Balochistan women.

Her only wish is to send the youth trough scholarships to foreign countries. And want to make export and import system for jobless students of Balochistan. And also want to write books on the women of Balochistan.

In a message for the youth Mrs. Roshan said, “You the youth should get united, strong, and must fight for your own rights”.