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First Female Director Education Bln , Social Activist | Balochistan Stars

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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits; so today let us introduce you to the lady who in her every step of life has promoted education Miss Rubab Hameed Durrani.

Miss Rubab belongs from the rich soil of Quetta, Pakistan and has done her M.A in 1986. As it is said that you don’t choose your destiny the destiny itself chooses you for what you are meant to be. Miss Rubab wanted to be a Doctor she never wanted to come in this field but somehow she’s destiny called her and gave her the opportunity for what she was.

Miss Rubab has a family from which each and every person is serving his/her Nation She ‘Elder brother: is serving his nation in Coastal Authority, one sister as a Professor (Govt Girls Degree College Cantt Quetta) and one sister as a First Female Speaker of Balochistan Assembly.

  Now coming to Miss Rubab’s career page of life She started her career as a Teacher in 1987 in Loralai, Balochistan; after giving her services there 3 Years Later she was invoked back to Quetta as her duties were in extreme need in which Miss Rubab spent 2 Years of her service and after fulfilling her duties in Quetta she was sent back to Loralai with promotion as an Assistant Professor. As Female Education was highly promoted in Quetta because of effort less work of Miss Rubab a new girls college (Govt Kuwari Girls College) was established and that college was facing a difficulty as they needed an English Teacher so again it was the time which increased the demand for Miss Rubab to come and settle the problems and our Star Miss Rubab was again present for his obligations.

Later on some time a new girls college was being established (Govt General Musa Girls College) and Miss Rubab was promoted and sent as a Principal to that college, as narrated by Miss Rubab ”The situation was very difficult their we were surviving with no facilities: no canteen, less benches, just an empty building with empty spaces”. This was the time for Miss Rubab in which she strived a lot and within 3 Years took the college from ground to sky. Sometime later Miss Rubab was called to a meeting where she was proposed to become Joint Director of Education Board, Miss Rubab took some time as she wanted it to share this news with her family and knew their acceptance, and after sometimes she agreed to the proposal as she was being supported in her every step of life by her family.

Miss Rubab has also the honor of being Commissioner of Girls Guide (Girls Scout) and Co-Convener of Pakistan Education Foundation in which she works on her ownand has worked on two projects till now 1st : providing full accessories to the deserving students for further studies, 2nd : free uniform distribution.

Miss Rubab has been awarded every time for her article writing which consists of: Articles Writing Award on Education, Seerat Conference: Article Award, 14th August: Focal Person Management Award.

Her Hobbies are: Badminton and Gardening. Her Ideal is the one and only the man whom strived day and night for our dreams, the man who sacrificed his everything, the man with a vision who never gave up for us Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-E-Azam). Her future plan is to further make the BS program improved and her message for the youth is” Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Trying ”.      

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