Ms. Sana Mahjabeen Umrani

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Article by: Ms. Madiha Sadiq

Sana Mahjabeen Umrani, Assistant Commissioner, Dasht District Mastung, is one of the youngest PCS qualified female civil servants in Quetta. She belongs to District Jafarabad and moved to Quetta city at early age with her family for studies. Sana got her Master’s degree in Pakistan studies from Sardar Bahadur Khan University, Quetta. 

Being the youngest one in the family, she has been an energetic kid and participated in several extracurricular activities such as debating, singing, Naat Khwani and more. In her school, college and even university time she participated in many of the inter-school, college and university competitions. She was one of the brightest students and always marked to be in the top two positions and got several medals and recognition.

Since childhood, just like other kids, Sana had so many dreams. Every day she had a new ambition to be like, pilot, doctor, teacher and more. But her family had some other plans for her to be and directed her to be in civil services. Then she grew with this determination and eventually got it done. She is one such brilliant candidate who passed the PCS exam in the first attempts. She was a student of the second semester in her Master’s degree when she appeared in the examination, and by the end of the further semester, she was a qualified PCS officer.

Discussing the joining she mentioned, it’s hard to bring change in a short period of time as she joined the office few months back. But, she makes sure to complete her tasks daily and avoid piling up files in the office. Moreover, she mentioned, it’s a myth that females cannot work as civil servants in fact girls are now more motivated to be in the field. Before her joining, there was only one female serving as a civil servant, but she came with a batch of 8 females and now the number of female candidates of PCS is gradually increasing.

Besides studies and professional life, Sana Mahjabeen rightly realizes the importance of social work. Therefore, she has been associated with multiple welfare organizations and did a lot of volunteer works such as participating in cleaning and plantation campaigns. Moreover, right now she is associated with several academies and takes sessions on different topics partially and helps students with their issues.

She has a great interest in Book reading, literature, poetry and music which surely reflects in her personality. However, sports is a little off limit for Sana Mahjabeen since childhood and she never participated in much of sports activities.

Sana does have so many favorite personalities but believes that the definition of Ideal is quite huge in meaning, so she does not idealize any personality in specific.

Her journey of success is marked with great enthusiasm, strong will, hard work, believe in ALLAH and herself and respect for her teachers. Moreover, she also owe her success to her Family and teachers who remained a constant sources of motivation for her.

In her message to the youth, she advised three things for being successful in life; hard work, prayers, and good intentions.

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