Ms. Sonia Mustafa

Pakistan First Female Qualified and Fit Referee in Football | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

All-Rounder a person who has many different types of skills and abilities, who regularly performs well at each of his occupation, most players are skilled in only one of the two disciplines and are considered specialists but in this case of All-Rounder this person is skilled in more than one disciplines, so today Balochistan Stars is presenting you that daughter of nation who has majorities of skill and vast talent in approximately every field and the name of today’s talent is Sonia Mustafa, who belongs from the fertile, rich soil and beautiful valleys of Quetta, Balochistan.

Coming to her educational background and her educational career as narrated to Balochistan Stars, she always had been a topper in her educational career from her Matriculation to her Master’s degree, her footsteps were so strengthened that she never gave a chance to anyone so that he/she can take the position from her. Miss Sonia has struggled day and night for women empowerment not by joining any organization or taking a part in any movement but to make herself shine so much so that her shine reaches the other girls and they realizes that they also could shine like her.

Coming to the question how she did that so Balochistan Stars will now be putting a light on her achievements that what designation and honors do Miss Sonia holds are National Gold Medalist: Taekwondo, National Silver Medalist: Hockey, 1st Women Referee in the history of Pakistan to clear the Referee Physical Fitness Test (PFF Elite Referee Seminar for Pakistan For Premier League 2018 Referee 14-16 September, Lahore), Inter College Badminton Tournament during independence day 2012 held at Quetta, 5th PFF Women Inter Club Football Championship 2012, Balochistan Women Hockey Team (Captain) Under Camping National Bank. Instead of all this she also has the honor of being a PTI and Tuition teacher in The Educator and Leaders Odyssey School.

She’s vision and aim is to support and guide the women to the bright future and work more on the women empowerment so that the women of her country could compete with other and make the country Pakistan proud. Last but not the least her message for today’s disappointed generation and women is ” The Youth of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow”.

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