Ms. Sumera Mehboob

Social Activist, Women & Human rights Activist, Educationist | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Educationists The people who study how to educate. It is not intended as a stub type for teachers in general. Let’s introduce you to the daughter of country with a vision and a struggle to fulfill that dream, that vision to change the educational views and their system Miss Sumera Mehboob. Who belongs from the rich soil of Khuzdar, Balochistan and had done her Masters (M.A) from University of Balochistan.

In 2003 Miss Sumera travelled to Quetta from Khuzdar for internship and Joined IDSP for one year for understanding development concepts and also worked 10 Years in many different educational institutions and different district of Balochistan just to know the educational strategies and gain the knowledge. In 2013 World Learning Washington DC introduced Legislative fellowship Program in which the idea of her school had been qualified then she established their own institute and serve the nation, hearing about this opportunity Miss Sumera participated and got the opportunity and in 2014 established her own School (The School of Scholars) in Khuzdar, Balochistan for promoting girls education.        

As narrated by Miss Sumera it was very difficult to reach this position and fulfill her dream of establishing her own education institute and give the opportunity to every student to study the way they wanted because in order to do this she had gone through many crises from the most which were the crises faced from the family & Society  side of Miss Sumera, as she belonged from a tribal area where women empowerment was not well developed and it was also hard task for Miss Sumera to come out from there and chase her dreams alone from one city to another searching and gaining the ideas, as narrated by Miss Sumera she thanks the naysayers as it were them who give her the more strength to fulfill her dreams.

Coming to her present designations Miss Sumera has the honor of being Managing Director: MERC, Balochistan  were working for empowering women through education and  capacity building Director: The School of Scholars promoting Girls education , CC Member: NHN, GS  : BNN, Member: Pak US Alumni,  Acumen fellow 2018  and CC Member of the Education Network.

Miss Sumera has also been awarded: Women Empowerment Award, Youth Development Award and Reason to be Smile Award. Her hobby is to search for new thing every time as if doesn’t do this or haven’t searched any new thing she’s day doesn’t go well. Her Ideal has always been her Mother and in the final her message for the youth is”Trust your self-plan your skills and growth through strategies don’t find shortcuts take time to grow with process result will be amazing”.   

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