Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool

Head of psychiatry BMC , Executive Director PIBPS


Article by: Mr. Asad Khan

“Some of the greatest battles are been fought in the silent chambers of one’s own soul” Alfred Alder said it right about psychotherapy, Training such warriors are among the toughest tasks of the globe. One of such a distinctive trainer, a well known Psychiatrist is with us today; yes he is none but Professor Dr. Ghulam Rasool. Eldest of 8 siblings belonging to remote Former Fort Sandeman presently called Zhob.

Coming to his educational background, he got his early education in his hometown and switched to Bolan Medical College Quetta. Despite defiance of his decision of joining BMC by his blood relation his thrill for education never faded and concluded his graduation. He later did FCPS in Psychiatry from College of Physicians and Surgeons at Karachi and Rawalpandi and also honored by the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for being the First FCPS in his field from Balochistan.

He started his career by appointing as Junior Registrar at Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta. Dr. Ghulaam was a curious being right from studenthood; he chose to explore the brains thus delved into one of the hard bitten areas of studies, Psychiatry. Upon completion of higher studies got appointed as Assistant Professor in BMC later promoted to Professor. Dr. Ghulaam Rasool in his career has initiated, established, operated and functional Ever one instituted Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Quetta the big institute in Pakistan serving patients, training doctors and nurses. He has introduced patient care by psychiatrist, psychologist and social worked under one umbrella and Has Trained and provided at least 15 highly qualified psychiatrists (FCPS) and 10 Psychiatric Nursing to Balochistan yet.

Presently he holds a number of designations including HOD Psychiatry, Executive Director Baluchistan Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Secretary Faculty of Psychiatry, Pakistan Psychiatry Association General Secretary and Executive Member, Executive Director: Balochistan Institute Of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Quetta, Member: American Psychiatric Association, Dean: Faculty Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Balochistan University of Medical and Health Sciences Quetta and many more. A nurturing hand to the deprived frequently conducts Free Medical Camps, Promotes Cognizance Campaigns on Media regarding his filed and acting as expert to train people to boon society.

The pioneer of psychiatry department in Baluchistan is uplifting it from 2 Beds to 150 Beds and Sub Divisions as Child Psychiatry and others yet to be initiated making it an ideal institute nowhere in the country. Dr. Ghulam Rasool possesses a soft corner towards Politics, in love with nature specially the Nature Green. Horticulture, Music and Playing Soccer are among his routine off profession chores.

Instead of all his services according to his duties and his designations Dr. Ghulaam Rasool holds the honors of being Motivator and Trainer by facilitating different workshops for Management Officers, Police Officers, Teachers, Bank Officers and Doctors in Balochistan.

Upon asking a question regarding advice to students he said, “Students must be given the opportunities to explore the world to bring change to turn mirrors into windows, Career counseling must be promoted”. By keeping the famous saying of Alfred alder in mind that “the only normal people are those you don’t know” we ourselves and our society will need his services till the end of his noble breathes. We wish him more life more health and more beautiful curves on his lips”.

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