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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

According to Aristotle “the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). This article will throw light on the life long story of a person who has a vision, a struggler who touched the zenith of success, a person who lights a lamp on the dark side of the world, a philanthropist who donated his life to serve the humanity, to educate his nation and give them a high quality of education. This inspiring person is none other that, the Respected Professor Fazal-E-Haq Mir (Sir Agha Jaan) principle of Tameer-e-Nau College. He is basically from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, Jannat Nazeer and from Mir Tribe.

According to Agha Jan, he never thought of joining the profession of teaching. We live in a society where life incidents/ experiences decide the future profession of individual. Same is the case with Professor Sahib. According to him, when he completed his F.A, his parents declined to financially support him further for his higher studies. Therefore he started teaching to make his living and complete his studies. As a teacher he touched the heart of student and with time he realized he is best suited and made for this holly profession. He continued his studies and completed B.ED and M. A. professionally he excelled and became the Head Master of Tameer–e-Nau School. His school touched the Zenith of success and his students secured 1st 2nd and 3rd positions in board exams.  This glorious success of quality education motivated him to start College. Initially, he had no funds to start a full fledge college. However, he started evening college system inside the school premises in 1986.

In short span of time, he was successful to widen the intellectual horizon of his college student with quality education. Education institute is more like a manufacturing plant. Agha jan institution has polished and produced very fine students who later put their mark as high achiever and contributor of the society. To fulfill his dream of dispensing quality education Mr. Agha Jaan started collecting donations for the college. A friend of Mr. Agha Jaan Mr. Parvez Iqbal donated his own made architecture for the college. Mr. Agha appreciates and gives full credit to all contributors who helped him fulfilling his dream to establish a college. Mr. Agha Jan Sahib is also very thankful to Government of Balochistan on paying 85% of College expenditure. According to Mr. Agha Jan Sahib, fulfilling his dream was not easy “It was more Like Digging down the Mountain and Bringing out the Milk from It”.

Apart from educationist, Mr. Agha Jaan also carries some other positions as well which includes Universities Senate Member, PPHI Member, Pakistan Children Academy Vice President and Pakistan Old Age Home Chairman. Mr. Agha Jaan has also received awards such as Sitara-E-Imtiaaz from the President of Pakistan (Muhammad Rafiq Tarar) and Excellence Award for Tameer-E-Nau Trust. The College won Best College Award (5 Years Continuously). This is not the end Mr. Agha Jaan dreams as he wants to establish the University. Mr. Agha Jaan’s hobbies are Reading Books and Playing Badminton.

Mr. Agha Jaan special message to the youth is that” There Are No Shortcuts. Work Hard, Be Patience, Consistent And Never Give Up.”   

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