Sensei Ghulam Ali Hazara

International Karate Coach and Referee Recognized Internationally | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

(Shotokan) A familiar branch of Karate founded in Japan 1936. The word literally means “Pine Waves House”, Today Shotokan is highly rated game and played by majority of countries which consists of many record makers, Heroes and still in this race of world our country Pakistan is not left behind, as today we will introduce you to the Son of Pakistan, who have waved his country’s flag in many countries and has won the honor for his Country, Province and Community (Mr. Ghulaam Ali).

Mr. Ghulaam Ali belongs from the rich soil and beautiful valley of Quetta, Balochistan and he is from Hazara Community. He is been in this field since 13 Years. He didn’t had the quality education which is every child’s right because of when his father died so all the responsibilities cam on his shoulders from which he could not complete his education. Karate become so much of his passion and hobby that he traveled to Dubai and China for learning karate, and when he become able that he himself told him that you are ready so he again came back to Quetta in 1992 and carried on his training.

In 1997 Mr. Ghulaam started his career of karate by joining WAPDA Karate Team and in 2004 he started to implement his talent in his nation by opening a karate club in Hazara Town. He has been unbeatable and champion of Pakistan from 1997 to 2011. He also has the honor of bringing first medal of karate for Pakistan in 2004 which news was spread like a fire spreads in the woods.   

Mr. Ghulaam has the honor of being awarded by 80 Medals which consists of 10 International medals and 70 National. He has represented and waved the flag of his country in more than 25 Countries which consists of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland, France, Japan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Ghulaam in 2009 retired himself from karate and started coaching and till now has the honor of coach and also as a Judge in South Asia Games. 250+ Students are being trained in the supervision of Mr. Ghulaam Ali and since 2004 he has created more than 60 Black belts till now.

Mr. Ghulaam Ali hobby is listening songs all the time when he gets free as it is the main thing which keeps him motivated and relaxed. His ideal is Ex President of Pakistan Mr. Parvez Musharraf (Retired Chief of Army Staff) and his message for the youth is” We Cannot Always Build the Future For Our Youth, But We Can Build Our Youth For The Future”.   

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