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Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahageer Khan

Today our article is about the struggle of a man a hard worker a quote obeyed person from which he has achieved his existing position the one quote which changed his life that “Education Is Passport To The Future”, A person who promoted education in every step of his life and also got a great feedback from it, The name of our today’s passionate man is Dr. Lal Muhammad Khan Kakar. Dr. Lal Khan belongs from the rich sand of Muslim Baagh, Balochistan. He has done his Matriculation from Muslim Baagh and travelled to Quetta for his further studies, as he had a keen interest in gaining education he done his F.Sc from Govt. Science College Quetta. Dr Lal Khan Kakar has 7 Brothers and 2 Sisters, As Dr. Lal had a vision a dream to be a Doctor because the professional life, the charm and grace of a doctor was very much liked by him, so to achieve his goal he took admission in Bolan Medical College Quetta for further studies.

In 1993 after completing his (M.B.B.S) from BMC Dr. Lal reached Singapore for his further training and after that to England making himself a perfect doctor. In 1994 Dr. Lal was appointed 17 Grade Officer after graduation till 2004. After 2004 Dr. Lal started his career as a doctor and fulfilled his dreams, his ambitions and he was now known as a Spinal and Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Lal was the first person who successfully operated a knee and hip surgery in Quetta for the first time and was most appreciated by the people for his great work, and was also awarded by Pakistan Orthopedic Institute, Dr. Lal have visited more than 50 countries and waved Pakistan’s Flag there, some of which consists of Italy, UK, France, Singapore and Mauritius. The Multi Talented Man is not only a Doctor but also the President of Osteoporosis Society and a Social Reformer.

On Behalf of social working Dr. Lal also have a great interest in politics as narrated by him that” Don’t Separate Yourself From Politics Or Else The People Beneath You Will Start To Rule You”, He said that Politics is not only the name of ruling or opposing but also it’s the way of understanding each other taking control over crisis and making peace and love, his own Doctor’s service to the people is also a politics. But then it came the day when Dr Lal and his family lost a precious pearl of their family Shaheed Baaz Muhammad Kakar Martyred on 8th August which put Dr Lal and the whole family in a great shock and grief but by the grace of Allah Almighty and prayers of his well wishers Dr Lal and his familys didn’t lose hope and continued his services for the nation.

When Dr. Lal’s ideal personality was asked from him it was said that when He was performing Hajj in Makah and when he truly came to know about his religion the personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) very much attracted him and started to be his most favorite ideal.

Dr. Lal Message for the Youth was that “An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest”.    

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