Ms. Malaika Zahid

National Boxing Kid Player | 9-0 Unbeatable | Balochistan Stars


Article by: Mr. Ahmed Jahangeer Khan

Boxing, A combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. The result is decided when an opponent is deemed incapable to continue by a referee, is disqualified for breaking a rule, or resigns by throwing in a towel. So Today Balochistan Stars presents you that talent and little star of Balochistan who is highly incapable of deeming her opponent and already had deemed many of her rivals in the ring and career of her, who doesn’t sees the size of her own except the ones beneath her, in whom eyes you’ll see the flames of victory, presenting you Miss Malaika Zahid (The First and Most Youngest Female Boxing Champ of Balochistan).

Miss Malaika belongs from the beautiful land of rich cultures and excess of resources of Quetta, Balochistan. Coming to her educational background, she is currently a student of 7th Grade and gaining her education from a middle school of Quetta. As narrated by her that how she came to the boxing field and chose boxing as her career is that going to an earlier time period, she’s father Mr. Muhammad Zahid Qayyum was a boxer and due to some circumstances he didn’t completed his chosen passion but He didn’t know that the apple of his eye someday will fulfill his dreams and ambitions which he used to saw for himself.

As narrated to Balochistan Stars his father didn’t knew that Miss Malaika would gain so much interest in boxing, it was the day, the turning point of her life when she was watching TV and suddenly by changing the channel a boxing match appeared on the screen and Miss Malaika was absorbing and watching it in so much interest that she suddenly chose that as her career and took oath that she will become a great boxer.

Coming to the boxing career of Miss Malaika Zahid she started her career of boxing firstly in the Supervision of a great boxing champ Mr. Atta Muhammad in 2015. Later on till now she started her training in Young Hudda Boxing Club under the supervision of Mr. Ghulaam Nabi Langove, the fact that mostly shined her up is that she being a girl hasn’t hesitated by fighting a male opponent in the ring and she also holds the credit of being both hand specialists in her boxing career.

She has been awarded by many multifarious awards which consists of Balochistan Excellence Award: Quetta 2018, Balochistan FC Operational Award: 2018, Defense Day Sport Gala Quetta Cantt: 2018 (Gold Medal), SSB Sindh Balochistan Men & Women Boxing Series: 2018 (Gold Medal/Best Boxer), Asifa Bhutto Zardari SSB Sindh Balochistan Women Boxing Series: 2018 (Gold Medal/Best Boxer), First All Pakistan Women National Championship Lahore: 2018 (Gold Medal), Free Lyari Girls Boxing Championship Sindh: 2017 (Gold Medal/Best Boxer), Best Female Sports Award: 2017, Jaishin Azadi Festival All Punjab: 2017 (Gold Medal), All Balochistan Raiz Khan Jogezai Boxing Tournament: 2017 (Gold Medal), 12th Jashn-E-Azadi Festival Boxing: 2016 (Gold Medal), 14th Balochistan Min Olympic Games: 2016 (Gold Medal), 13th Balochistan Min Olympic Games: 2015 (Gold Medal).

Miss Zahida in her career have never been beaten instead she have participated in 10+ Tournaments and been Gold Medalist. Her ideal personality consists of the great boxer of all times the legend, the king of the ring Mr. Muhammad Ali. Her future ambitions and dreams are to be the best of all and shine on the globe of this world to make her family her province and her country proud.

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